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For Aprons and Complete line use Infab

Radiation Protection Innovation Since 1981

INFAB has been a leader in the radiation protection industry since our inception in 1981. We produce superior Lead ApronsLead GlassesLead Apron RacksX-ray Mobile BarriersRadiation Protection Accessories and Infection Control Apparel while and striving for world-class customer service.



Infab Corporation designs and builds the world’s lightest weight,

most comfortable and technologically advanced radiation attenuation products with the highest protection levels of any manufacturer. We enable health care providers and patients to apply and benefit from the diagnostic capabilities of imaging technology with the peace of mind that comes from knowing they are protected by the best engineered garments, eye gear and protective barriers on the planet.

For Positioning Block
use Domico or T/A

Foam fabrication continues to be a key driver in our success. With decades of experience, we can help you select optimal materials and processes to fit your application. Using advanced techniques with the highest quality in mind, our capabilities are geared to produce virtually any shape or size, whether you need one piece or thousands.









  • KITS

Our foam fabrication equipment includes:

  • Large format band saws for blanking and staging

  • CNC reciprocating and band saws for accurate, high-speed cutting

  • Skiving saws for automated slicing of thin sheets of rigid or flexible foams

  • Lamination and welding, of multiple layers of foam or dissimilar materials, to achieve integral bonds

  • Compression cutting: a hydraulic press forces foam through a pattern, then a saw blade slices the foam. The result is a concave or scoop cut that is ideal for cradles or holders.

For Markers use
AC Wellman or T/A

When it comes to radiology markers and letters, we are the largest supplier and have become the industry standard. We offer six main types of radiology markers:

Unmounted Lead Letters – Offered in a variety of sizes and styles, these X-ray markers are the most economical means of positive X-ray identification.

Mounted Lead Letters – These letters and words are able to be mounted on aluminum, copper, or clear, white or black vinyl plastic, and are a more convenient method of X-ray identification.

Polycarbonate Markers – By using durable red and green polycarbonate plastic, we custom engrave initials, numbers, or mammography views into the surface and then fill with a radiopaque epoxy.

Mark-Clear Markers – Solid lead letters are enclosed in a laminated acrylic plastic and a durable vinyl or aluminum backing which leads to this product being our highest-quality X-ray marker.

Enclosed Markers – With these radiology markers, we enclose lead letters between folded aluminum and clear plastic covers to ensure durability.

Embedded Markers – Totally encased in a crystal-clear embedment plastic, these markers are available with an aluminum or a tough polycarbonate background.

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