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Helpful files


InFab Buyers Guide

Click HERE to see Infab's Buyers Guide to Choosing the Proper Radiation Protection Garment

This is a PDF File

Infab Apron Sizing

Click HERE to see Infab's Standard Apron Sizing Chart

InFab's Lead Glasses

Click HERE 

To see Infab's Guide to Lead Glasses

This is a PDF file.

Infab 603 Sizing Chart

Click HERE to see Infab Unique 603 Sizing Chart

InFab Apron Colors

Click HERE to see aprons colors available. Link will take you to Infab's Colors page.

Infab 903 Sizing Chart

Click HERE to see Infab Unique 903 Sizing Chart

Oprax-TA Website

Click HERE will take you to our Oprax-TA website where you can see current prices.

Call us at:


TA Easy Fit Size Tool

Click HERE to see Video of TechnoAide Easy-Fit Sizing Tool (free)

iCRco Veterinary CT

Click HERE   iCRco Company

has a CBCT unit made for Veterinay Offices. Email us for more details.

TA Apron Sizing Page

Click HERE to see TechnoAide Apron Sizing Page

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