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Markers, Positioning Sponges,
CT and Veterinary Products

We supply X-Ray Markers, Positioning Sponges and Veterinary Products from various manufacturers to give you a choice of exactly what your looking for.

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            X-Ray Products

Techno-Aide has the products and solutions when you need them quickly, at a reasonable price, and delivers a world class customer experience making it easier than ever to work with us.

Via our Oprax Dealer Website,   


Domico Med-Devices

Foam Fabrication


Foam fabrication continues to be a key driver in their success. With decades of experience, we can help you select optimal materials and processes to fit your application. Using advanced techniques with the highest quality in mind, their capabilities are geared to produce virtually any shape or size, whether you need one piece or thousands.


A C Wellman

X-ray Markers          

AC Wellman is the World’s Largest Supplier of X-ray Markers with a Rich History of Quality and Diversity

Since 1902, AC Wellman has been known for quality, value, innovation, consistency, and reliability

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