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Oprax Medical Int'nl Inc
Authorized Dealer

Radiation Protection Innovation Since 1981

Tel: 951-757-5516

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Since 1981 we have been supplying x-ray accessories and products. We are an Authorized Dealer for InfabCorp, TechnoAide, Domico, AC Wellman  

Click on the Request a Quote buttons after you view their online catalogs and locate the desired products catalog numbers for items your looking for.  

Or call us for assistance.

Infab Corporation

Oprax Medical Int'nl Inc is an Authorized Dealer for Infab Products. If you need assistance in choosing the correct product give us a call at 951-757-5516, email us, or fill out one of the Request a Quote

Veterinary Products

Vet Products: See Domico Cat.

Vet Products: See TA Cat. also

NOTE: Ask us about information regarding Digital Veterinary CT

X-Ray Markers
Positioning Blocks

Markers: See AC Wellman Catalog
Markers: See TA Catalog also
Sponges: See Domico Catalog
Sponges: See TA Catalog also
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