RX-Warmth Portable Blanket Warmer


                           Perfect for:

  • First Responders: EMS – Ambulance – Air – Fire

  • Long Term Care, Rest and Nursing Homes

  • Medical Clinics – MRI and CAT facilities

  • Surgery Centers

  • Hospitals

  • Walk-in Clinics

  • Military

  • Cancer Centers

  • Urgent Care Centers

  • Veterinary Offices & Hospitals

Designed for Pre-Hospital Trauma and Medical Care   

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Designed to keep your patients safe and warm, Rx Warmth Medical Blanket Warmers provide the calming effect of heat and the security of a certified medical device. Our warmers are:

  • Economical: 1/10 the price of typical warmer cabinet

  • Portable: Take it anywhere, anytime

  • Certified: IEC 60601-1 Medical Accessory-compliant

  • Durable: Replaceable heating and electronic components

  • Convenient and Safe: You never have to leave your patient to get them a warm blanket

Rx Warmth Medical Blanket Warmers are perfect for a variety of health care settings and needs, including ambulances, ER bays, mamo capes, nursing homes, hospital care, cancer treatment centers, kidney dialysis centers, and more.


  • Blanket Warmer - Small

  • 2-3 Blankets  Hospital Size

  • Size:   18X19X5.5

  • (requires power Adaptor)


  • Blanket Warmer - Medium

  • 4-5 Blankets   Hospital Size

  • Size:    19x21x8.5

  • (requires power Adaptor)


  • Blanket Warmer - Large

  • 6-7 Blankets   Hospital Size

  • Size:     18x19x12

  • (requires power Adaptor)

AC Adaptor for Warmers

AC Adaptor.jpg

The AC Adaptor is required to be used with any of the three blanket war​mers.

Be sure to include with your order.

DC Car Adaptor

DC Car Adaptor.jpg

The DC Car Adaptor an excellent add on adaptor for use in a vehicle, ambulance if an electrical converter is not available.​

Hospital Grade Blanket Warmers


Hospital Grade quality blanket and fluid warming cabinets— any size for any space and any budget.